Drako 46506

drako 46506

Hello! My name is Drako! Aren't I cute as a button? Love and affection are all I need to get through the day. I love going for walks and being exercised. Since I'm such a big boy I'm a puller on the lead. My hobbies include walks in the park, watching the Food Network channel and table surfing for any leftover food after dinner! I love my toys and food and don't part with them easily, because of this I'd do best in a home without children where I can be myself. I'm a large lovable hound who aims to please. My motivation is yummy treats! I love those! I may be large but that just makes my heart bigger and better to love you with! 

Use the ringing thingies with the cord to make an appointment to see me 973-824-7080.

 I'm so excited to see you!