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Raven 48658

Raven is always sporting a happy smile for everyone she meets. 
Raven is a peppy girl with lots of great energy! If you're looking for a playful pooch, Raven is your girl! So loving and sweet, Raven is always out for a little attention and maybe even a few treats. 1-year-old Raven has captured the hearts of both volunteers and staff, who adore her delightful personality. Eager to please, Raven walks very well on the leash and even sits for a treat. Though she came to us as a stray, Raven is very people-focused and loves to be pet. She even loves jumping up to give you sweet kisses. Raven can't wait to meet you.

She has so many fabulous qualities about her and they include she’s gentle she’s kind she’s loving she’s pretty and she’s super playful and we mention gentle!!
The one downfall for Miss Raven is that she is not dog friendly. So living in an apartment or a townhome might not be the best place for her she would do better in a home where there’s more space, a fenced yard, and lots of streets for her to walk on. if you’re a jogger she would make a great jogging partner!

Please email us to schedule a meet. She has two strikes against her so far because she’s black-furred and also not dog friendly. Believe it or not, sadly black dogs take longer to adopt than others.