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Ruby 45212

Ruby 45212

Meet Ruby! Ruby is very affectionate and a sweetheart. She loves attention and being petted and massaged, but will also snooze all day while you work. She loves to play outside and chase whatever you throw. She behaves well in the house, is housetrained, is nondestructive (except with her toys), and sits nicely during car rides. She also willingly goes to her crate and sleeps there at night. She loves having a blanket in there. She gets along really well with her foster dog friend. They play together frequently and they seem to enjoy each other’s company! Ruby also gets along with her foster cat friend. She likes to play with him, so a good feline sibling would be one who can handle this and/or likes dogs. However, we do think she could learn to mostly ignore a cat; after a few months she is much less interested in him than she was at first. Ruby also seems to be on her best behavior and able to share her toys and food. Ruby hasn't had any interaction with children during her stay in foster. Ruby's a really sweet dog who just wants a lot of love. It's clear that she has experienced trauma in her past, and her personality is still coming out. She is generally shy and nervous with anything unknown, so people, other dogs, trucks, etc. all make her a bit reactive. Ruby's anxiety may be a reason why she pulls on walks and this is something we are working on. Ruby would need training to help her with her reactivity and walking skills. She is a love bug and truly aims to please. Although the distractions outside greatly affect her and new people frighten her, she has shown that she can and wants to learn. She has also shown that she can fully trust people in time, as she now trusts her foster parents. In a familiar environment, like in the house, and with familiar people around, she takes direction well, and so with time and the proper guidance, I'm sure her behaviors will improve and her personality will blossom. Ruby just needs to be given time to trust, patience and understanding from her forever family! Call us at 973-824-7080 to inquire about meeting Ruby!

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Animal Info

  • Ruby 45212
  • Newark
  • Dogs
  • Canine
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • 4 Years
  • 65lbs
  • Tan
  • White
  • 45212
  • Adoptable
  • Female
  • Short Hair
  • YES
  • YES

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