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Sergeant Hopper 49898

Sergeant Hopper... the tripod you didn't know you needed! This handsome brindle tripod, Sergeant Hopper, is a bundle of exuberance and excitement. Energetic as the day is long, Sgt. Hopper doesn't let his lack of leg stop him from fun activities like walks and enthusiastic playtime. This gorgeous brindle baby is like no other, not letting a silly thing like having 3 legs stop him from being like every other dog- all smiles and eager to play. Sergeant Hopper's ideal home would be an experienced and active adult only family. Meet Sgt. Hopper-the pup with a pep in his step! AHS is now open to the public for walk in appointments 7 days a week from 12-3:30pm with same day application approvals! Come visit us!