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Blaise 50587

Blaise loves belly rubs- can’t you tell? This adorable 2 year old male Cane Corso is love wrapped up in a 4 legged package, with a wagging tail and slobbery tongue to boot. This affectionate baby is a big boy, but hardly knows it. Coming in at 95lbs, Blaise is our big dopey buddy who is very easy to handle, despite his size. Blaise is more than happy to walk at a leisurely pace next to you, always within reach for some pets. Blaise doesn’t love to share his food and toys, so we suggest a home with kids ages 10+ up for him with an experienced owner. Blaise has had some contact with dogs and from what we can tell, is all smiles and even playful in their presence. This absolute mush melts like putty in your hands when petted and his favorite place for loving is right on the floor so you can get his belly. Book an appointment to meet our adoptable dogs and cats at (973)824-7080