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Bits 49691

A little "Bits" of Sunshine!!! 
Sweet and shy girl Bits is the sunshine on a cloudy day. Her gorgeous face and bright personality never fail to put a smile on our faces! Bits is a stunning 5 year old pittie ready to hang her hat in a forever home!
Bits is super fun loving and is always ready to get out there to enjoy the outdoors. She enjoys walks, fetch, and playtime but also has a chill side that loves snuggles. When first meeting Bits she can be a little shy and wary of strangers, but she'll warm up if you let her make the first move. Bits is crazy about treats so that's always a great way to win her over.
Bits would do best in an experienced adult only home where she can have time to destress and decompress from shelter life. A patient and understanding family would be amazing for little Bits to get to know her new family!
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