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Toast 51897

How do you keep your pups cool on a hot day! 
Toast loves the water. He loves playtime. He loves playtime in the water! 
Toast is a 1 year old husky mix with a whole lotta floof. You can tell now because he’s shaved for the warm weather, but we know Toast will be a fluffy boy!
Coming to us as a stray, Toast is extremely friendly, energetic and soooo lovable! He has quite a bit of energy he likes to burn off by playing with toys. He loves tennis balls, frisbees and splashing around in the kiddie pool! This good boy will pounce into your heart (literally) and never let go. We don’t know how this hunk is with dogs or cats, but if you’d like to bring your pup to meet, we welcome it.
Toast is available for meet and greets Mon-Fri 12-3:30pm walk ins welcome and Sat&Sun appointment required call us at (973)824-7080 to book!