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This gorgeous Great Pyrenees sure deserves a fresh start in life, even if it is a little late in coming.  Scout is about 10 years old and thanks to a good samaritan, she was removed from a yard where she was neglected then abandoned.  The neglect that she endured led her to become heartworm positive and thin, and since her coat was shaved (it will grow back) she has some hot spots too.  We are treating Scout's heartworm and she will need to come back to us for additional treatment, and will need to be on strict exercise restriction during the treatment, which takes about four months.  Aside from that, what a love this dog is! 

She's very strong and energetic and doesn't have much leash experience, but she is so well-behaved.  She sits when asked and takes treats gently, she's housebroken, and she's so happy to see dogs.  She doesn't seem to have much experience with other dogs so she'll need a few meet and greets to ensure it's a good fit.  She loves people and is so grateful and happy to make new friends.  Scout hopes you'll give her a chance!  Call 609-693-1900 or email: for an application.  File#52687  7/1/21

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Animal Info

  • Scout
  • Forked River
  • Dogs
  • Canine
  • 10 Years
  • Large
  • Cream
  • 52687
  • Adoptable
  • Female
  • Long Hair
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • Cats
  • Exercise restriction for 4 months during heartworm treatment

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