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Lions and Tigers and Bears

There are lots of different types of animals at Popcorn Park. Some exotic, some wildlife, even birds and farm animals live here.


Exotic Animals are generally considered those who are not native to one's own country, and Popcorn Park has plenty of these!!  We are currently home to four Bengal tigers, all from Texas. Two had been purchased with the thought to use them in a canned hunt, and the other two were neglected and starved in sanctuaries that didn't have the funds to care for them. We are also home to Muntjacks, a Bactrian camel, a Lechwe, Caimen, Pythons, several types of monkeys, tortoises, Wallabies, and most recently a Civet cat. Some of these exotic animals were being kept illegally as "pets", but others we rescued from faclities that were closing or no longer wanted animals, research, the exotic animal trade, a travelling circus and more. 


Wildlife consist of those animals who are native to one's own country, and Popcorn Park Zoo provides spacious arrangements to many animals that would normally live in the wild in North America, but whose abilities were somehow compromised.  Any wildlife that comes to Popcorn Park and which can be released is returned to its natural habitat.  BooBoo, the American black bear, is just one example of a magnificent American animal, whose existence was trivialized by her being used as a partial payment for a used car in Iowa. The dealership hoped to use her as a selling attraction, but soon found they were unable to handle a bear. Scenarios such as these are how much of our wildlife came to us.  Our American wildlife includes BooBoo, seven cougars, bobcats, a raccoon, turtles, a coatimundi, white-tailed and fallow deer, and many native birds, which are detailed in the `Birds' category. 

Farm Animals

Farm animals are often the gentlest of animals, though we have several who have quite a sense of themselves!  Quite a few of our residents have been saved from, or escaped from, slaughter; others were once `pets' or `projects' that were later unwanted. Still others, such as Trudy and Seven, were rescued from starvation; some ran the streets as `strays', and others were brought to us because they were babies that couldn't stand or had been unwanted `gifts'.  The reasons why we have the variety of animals we do is as diverse as the species themselves!  Among our farm animals are sheep, horses, a donkey, goats, rabbits, several steer, and pigs.  Many of our resident birds may be categorized as farm `animals' , but we've included them in their own category.


This is a very broad category, as we have birds that fit every description - exotics, wildlife and domestic birds which include those typically found on farms.  Included here are also those birds, which while technically exotic, are kept as pets. Among our birds are emus, rheas, geese of all types from all countries, exotic and domestic ducks, chickens, roosters, turkey vultures, pigeons, wild turkeys, peacocks and peahens, and macaws, amazons, cockatiels and more. Once again, how they came to be here covers a wide variety of reasons - some were pets, some were going to be dinner, some were injured and are flightless, some purchased as "ornamentals", but found to be unsuitable, some were "gifts" and so on. The list why birds and animals came to be here is almost endless; the reasons why they were originally obtained was often simple thoughtlessness.

Popcorn Park Wildlife Club

We've given all of our animals the best life we can, and hope you'll read more about each one in the Wildlife Club section of this site, where all are available for sponsorship. You can also make a general donation to the Wildlife Club.