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ahs tnr program

At Associated Humane Societies, we are proud to assist the many communities that we serve in TNR- Trap, Neuter, and Release, of local feral cats.  Our Animal Control Officers from our three animal care facilities recognize the issues with feral cat colonies that were once taken care of by a few well-meaning residents, but that have gotten out of control due to over-population.  We help in educating the public on feral cats and how to work with AHS officers in trapping, neutering, and returning these cats safely back into the communities. 

Feral cat success stories...

We are very proud of the great success that we've had in Ocean County, thanks to the efforts of ACO Maria Cymanski.  Maria's efforts and the efforts of our veterinary staff and the communities that we serve, have aided in hundreds of feral cats being successfully released back into their environments fully vetted.  This has drastically reduced the feral cat population in Ocean County.  So many more cats that were trapped and thought to be feral, were not feral at all!  We have an experienced, dedicated staff of cat caretakers that will evaluate a cat's demeanor and decide whether they are actually feral, or just plain shy and need some help.  We're thrilled to say that we've gotten so many former "feral" cats off the streets and into wonderful, adoptive homes! 

(ACO Maria Cymanski with one of the cats that she's helped)

(AHS Cat caretaker Jay, with a cat that was once labeled feral)

Donate to our TNR Fund...

We need your help to continue to have positive outcomes for feral cats.  Please donate to our TNR Fund to assist us in this very important work that we do for homeless cats throughout NJ.  If you know of feral cats that need help, please contact the shelter that services your community.

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