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Elephant Activity Book
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Elephant Activity Book
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In cooperation with The Elephant Alliance, the Associated Humane Societies has published this important 20 page coloring book to help youngsters understand the cruelty and abuse that is heaped on innocent elephants behind the scenes at every circus. Children can gain new insight on this wonderful animal plus learn how to help them. Also included is the true story of Sonny the Elephant, once a resident of Popcorn Park - taken from his family when a baby in Africa and shipped from zoo to zoo until he came to live in peace with us. Children will enjoy this learning experience. and for only $3.00 per book!

For schools and groups who wish to order in large quantity, the coloring books may be ordered for $2.00 apiece, and they should contact us directly to order.

As a charitable organization we do not offer refunds on donations.

Information filed with the Attorney General concerning this charitable solicitation may be obtained from the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey by calling (973) 504-6215; registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement. Charitable registration # CH012-6200. Tax Exempt# 221 487122
Teaches children about the sad lives of 
circus elephants