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Sadly, Hermit crabs are now being sold at kiosks at various shopping malls and most of them that are sold will slowly languish until they die. However, the sale of these animals at boardwalk stands, pet stores still create a poor environment in their new home.

These tiny creatures were inexpensively purchased by many with very young children who have no concept of the caring and responsibility of these small animals. They were promptly purchased with a very small plastic carrier and thimble filled with food. This plastic box is not an adequate shelter. Hermit crabs do not like to live alone they need another hermit crab.

It appears that there were no instructions on the proper care of these animals. In checking various websites on the care and diet for these animals, it is not difficult to find that most people will not understand the importance of the most basic requirements needed.

Chlorine found in tap water is harmful to hermit crabs. Bottled water or a dechlorinator in tap water is required. Do not use table salt in water as it contains iodine which can be harmful. Calcium is another important requirement for their exoskeleton. An organic natural diet is preferred as some websites state that "hermit crab food" may contain copper sulfate which can maim or kill a hermit crab.

Obviously, there is much to learn about hermit crabs and most will die before children are expected to be well informed. There is much to learn about this species. For more information, log on to a site that describes care for hermit crabs.

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