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The animals that have come to call Popcorn Park Zoo their home have always come to us in need.
It has given us great joy to provide them a refuge, sanctuary, a place where they can rest and feel safe.
Because many are elderly or have suffered in the past, their time with us is often too short
before they move on to find their final peace.
We honor their passing with this memorial page.


Baron the Cougar came to Popcorn Park in Spring 2004. He passed away in July 2006 at 18 years of age when the medication he was given for his legs and joints no longer relieved his pain. Read more about Baron.




Oliver the Steer was a well-known resident at Popcorn Park Zoo from when he was a calf in 1994, rescued from a veal crate. He was humanely euthanized due to illness in June, 2006. Read more about Oliver.




Wrangler Jean, first found running Newark, NJ streets in 1981, came to love the country life at the Zoo for the last 25 years. Jean was deeply loved by staff, as well as by the ponies, horses and burro that shared a paddock with her, as well as a special favorite among sponsors and visitors. Jean had Cushings disease; when we could no longer help her with medication, we helped Jean pass on in August of 2006. Read more about Wrangler Jean.


Vulton the Turkey Vulture was a longtime resident of the zoo. He had joined us along with Gloria in 1991 through the Florida Marine Conservancy who'd asked for our help. Both had been injured and found along the side of the road - they were healthy but unable to fly. Vulton was Gloria's companion for many years, and in August, 2006, he passed away of old age.


Cappy the Capuchin has been with Popcorn Park Zoo since the very beginning - 1977. He was slowing down and beginning to fail towards the end of this year. In late November, he suffered a mild stroke. Not knowing how much time Cappy had left, staff spent as much time with him as they could. On the morning of December 8, it was found that Cappy had taken his little towel and made a pillow out of it, where he rested his head. His face was in peaceful repose, and so he left us. Sweet dreams, Cappy. Read our tribute to Cappy.


Sandy B the Cougar joined Popcorn Park in Spring 2004 along with Baron. They came from another small park in New Jersey which was closing down, leaving the pair looking for a new home together. Sandy B and Baron spent their entire lives together - eighteen years. Baron (see above) passed away this past summer. The two were often like a quarrelsome elderly couple who just couldn't seem to get along much of the time, yet clearly they were company and a comfort for one another. Due to renal failure, Sandy B was humanely euthanized on December 10, 2006. We understand the physical causes of her failure, but we believe Sandy B just couldn't go on without Baron, for even if they quarreled, they were lifelong companions, and that counts for a lot.

More Popcorn Park Memorials ....

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