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The animals that have come to call Popcorn Park Zoo their home have always come to us in need.
It has given us great joy to provide them a refuge, sanctuary, a place where they can rest and feel safe.
Because many are elderly or have suffered in the past, their time with us is often too short
before they move on to find their final peace.
We honor their passing with this memorial page.

George the Wallaby was under the care of Popcorn Park for over three years. We rescued him from a dog breeder in South Jersey who was being investigated for cruelty, where George was kept in a filthy 10' x 10' pen. He'd been payment for a puppy but the breeder didn't care about him at all. With us, George was very happy in a spacious enclosure. Recently, he was being treated for a condition called Lumpy Jaw, for which there is treatment, but no cure. He had responded well to surgery, but our veterinarian advised that in addition to this he had a cancerous tumor on his liver. Complications to both these ailments affected George and he passed away peacefully in his sleep in April 2007. George will always be remembered.


Rajah the Bobcat lived a happy life at Popcorn Park Zoo for 18 years, always kept company by his good friend, Leah. Originally kept inappropriately as a pet, Rajah enjoyed his huge enclosure here where he could jump, climb and survey the zoo from up high. He'll missed by staff here where Rajah was treated like royalty. He passed away in November 2007 of renal failure.



Cindy Lou the Cougar came to Popcorn Park as a 6 month old from Iowa. She was the first cougar at Popcorn Park and deeply loved by staff and visitors alike.  She was the matriarch of the big cats, and demanded respect, which she received. Cindy Lou was 19 years old at her passing, and despite our efforts to make her comfortable, she was unable to overcome the difficulties her body was experiencing. We believe Cindy Lou was ready to move on and she left us peacefully.Read more about Cindy Lou. - January 2008


Iguanazilla was rescued in the winter by AHS from the woods where someone had dumped him. He would never have survived his fate had we not been able to retrieve him. He passed away recently of intestinal blockage from earlier adhesions, but lived to be an old man well-cared for in his senior years.Read more about Iguanazilla January 2008



Kiki the Cockatoo came to us 3 years ago, and was a much-loved sweetheart. Staff will never forget his whispering to them. He passed away due to seizures resulting from a neurological condition, but we know he had a great life here with the best of care and plenty of friends, avian and human. - March 2008



Peter and Paul Goose have practically been fixtures at Popcorn Park and were among the official greeters to zoo visitors, always checking for any extra popcorn that might be had. As seniors with failing health, the two best buddies left us knowing theirs was a job well done and they will be missed by many. - May 2008



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