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The animals that have come to call Popcorn Park Zoo their home have always come to us in need.
It has given us great joy to provide them a refuge, sanctuary, a place where they can rest and feel safe.
Because many are elderly or have suffered in the past, their time with us is often too short
before they move on to find their final peace.
We honor their passing with this memorial page.

Clyde the Green-Winged Macaw - he came to us, along with his bonded mate, Bonnie, from a woman who was moving and couldn't take the pair with her. We accepted them both to Popcorn Park in late 2006. Clyde was then about 3 years old. Clyde's sudden passing left Bonnie quite alone, and both she and staff missed our very sweet Clyde. - October 2008.



Verna the White-Tailed Doe - Verna was named after some kind folks at Verna's School of Dance who helped her. She was either abandoned or believed to be when just a baby. Verna lived happily at Popcorn Park for 17 years and passed away of old age. - October 2008



Charlie the Possum - Charlie was rescued with his leg caught in an illegal leghold trap. Although his leg healed fairly well, we felt he would do better with us than taking his chances in the wild. Charlie died of old age in our care. - December 2008



Tony the Burmese Python - Tony had once been living as a pet under terrible circumstances. We brought him around to good health, and he lived many years at Popcorn Park in a spacious enclosure where he slithered around to his heart's delight. At the end of his life he developed lung disease, and passed away. - January 2009



Tiny the Black Throated Monitor - Tiny came to us as a victim of a domestic dispute. One partner didn't want him and the other walked out, leaving all his belongings, including Tiny, behind. Tiny had a great life here at Popcorn park and died of old age. - February 2009



Dodge Ram - Somehow this handsome ram escaped from a Newark slaughterhouse, and soon found himself in a local resident's backyard with nowhere to go. We took the lucky fella to Popcorn Park where he enjoyed many admiring friends for years. He passed away of old age. - May 2009




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