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Mehr and Tinaz Collect Food for Popcorn Park Animals

The Society was called with an offer we couldn’t refuse! Four year old Mehr and five year old Tinaz of Aberdeen have had an ongoing canned food drive to benefit a local food pantry. The animal-loving duo decided they wanted to help Popcorn Park. Each one has a clipboard to keep tally of this effort. They started a canned food drive and although it has been going slow, they have contacted supermarkets in their general area and you may see them setting up a stand in the not-too-distant future.

Sitting in the steamer trunk where they have some canned pet food is 4 yr. old Mehr (r.) and 5 year old Tinaz  who have taken on a large canned pet food drive in their town

Tinaz and Mehr had a lemonade stand this summer and raised $8.00 to be donated to Popcorn Park. Friaan, Tinaz and Mehr's Mom, explained that Popcorn Park has animals that have had one or another tragedy to overcome. All the animals came there because they were either sick, or didn't have a home because their zoo was closing and that everyone who visits, loves Popcorn Park. Mehr even helps to feed the bugs in her yard.

They have started to send flyers to friends and neighbors asking for canned pet food, paper towels, heating pads, first aid supplies, pet toys, blankets and whatever else they can donate to help make the lives of animals better. Anyone in the Aberdeen area wishing to donate for the animals can contact them by e-mail at or contact us at AHS.



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