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Here is a mother bear and her two cubs. She's living in the woods where bears like to make their home. She helps her babies learn how to survive - what to eat and drink, and how to talk to one another to say if they are happy or hungry or scared. Bears eat lots of food all spring and summer and into fall. Then, when it gets really cold, and there is very little food left, they hibernate until warmer weather comes back. To hibernate means they go into hiding and into a kind of sleep so they don't use any energy. When spring returns, they are very hungry and move about looking for food.
Bears live in different parts of the country and the world. Sometimes, in a small state like New Jersey, more and more homes are built, taking away space from wildlife. People need to learn how to live with bears so no one gets hurt and the bears can live in peace.  Click on the bears to print out the picture and color it.

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