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How Kids Can Make a Difference!

There are lots of ways that you can make a difference and help our cats and dogs and also the animals at Popcorn Park Zoo. Here are some ideas for you, and stories of kids who helped animals.
Don't forget to ask your mom or dad for an OK first, and for their help in contacting the Society shelter nearest you!

Have a Lemonade Sale!
Summer's almost here and it's a great time to sell lemonade! Pick a good spot where there are lots of people and serve some homemade lemonade. You may need some help from a parent making the lemonade, but when you tell people it will help feed needy animals, we think you'll make lots of sales!
Pictured are Drew, Hannah and Sarah Ross of Cranford, NJ with their Labrador Retriever, Buddy. They sold lemonade on a Saturday and raised money for Society animals.

Hold a Birthday Swim Party for the Animals!
Lots of kids like to hold their birthday parties to benefit animals.  Often these kind kids ask their guests to bring food and toys for homeless cats and dogs instead of presents for themselves, and then they bring it to the Society shelter nearest them. It's a big treat all by itself knowing that your birthday party helped feed a cat or dog who is waiting to find a loving home.
Kristen Carroll of Dayton, NJ (3rd from left) held a swim party for her 12th birthday and asked her guests to bring treats, toys and food for pets. They sure made some cats and dogs happy!

Have a Yard Sale!
You can have a yard sale with your own things, or you can some of your friends and have one together. If you want a bigger yard sale, you can also ask your family to donate items they no longer want.  If you sell drinks and snacks at your yard sale, you can help the animals even more!
Marena Hollingshead of Waretown, NJ is a big supporter of Popcorn Park Zoo, and she held a yard sale with just her own things. In the photo, she gives her check to Popcorn Park staffer, Mark Ross.

Sponsor an Animal at Popcorn Park Zoo!
Ask your teacher or troop leader if your group of kids can sponsor an animal at Popcorn Park Zoo in the Wildlife Club or a dog or cat on the Share-A-Pet program.  If each class member chips in just a little bit you can help feed and care for all kinds of animals - tigers, wallabies, deer, a bear, a camel, horses and more for a whole year. You could also help a special Share-A-Pet cat or dog that has had problems. Your teacher will help you, and you can look at these animals right here on the web site or order a booklet.  Best of all, you will get a special pass and can come down and visit the animal you sponsor!
In the photo are Mrs. Boulin's 1st Grade Class at Lanoka Harbor, NJ Elementary School. The students sponsor BooBoo the Bear and Princess the Camel, and they recently came for a visit! This is a great way for kids to help!

Check back soon - we're going to add more ideas for you to help animals.

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