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The Safe Haven Program for Dogs and Cats

For almost three decades the Society has had a unique program - the Safe Haven Program for dogs and cats. This innovative program was designed for people who can no longer keep their pets and want a safe haven for them to live out their lives, or a sanctuary where they can stay until a new home is found. The dogs and cats under this program share the same amenities as those animals under the Share-A-Pet program and those animals who reside with us as the result of a bequest from someone who has passed on - Kitty City for cats and the Animal Haven Farm for dogs. The first year is paid in advance after which payment is made on a monthly basis. It is the owner's decision as to whether or not the animal can be adopted into a new home. For additional details, please contact us, putting Safe Haven Program in the subject line, or send an SASE to Safe Haven Program, c/o Associated Humane Societies, 124 Evergreen Ave., Newark, NJ 07114.

Bowser is a mature gent who has been on the Animal Haven Farm since October 2002. At the owner's request, Bowser is not to be adopted out. He receives annual veterinary checks and medical care when needed. In his photo, Bowser is poised, ready to catch a ball ... and it usually our staff who gets tired first!

Snooks came to the Society in 2003 and resides in Kitty City. He is now 10 years old, and enjoys hanging out with the rest of the cats, here pictured soaking up the summer sun.

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