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Planned Giving
Also See: Wills and Beqests | Leave a Legacy | AHS Endowment Fund | Arbor of Love | Corporate Giving

The AHS is often involved with the rescue of animals that are left homeless after their guardian has passed away ... and no plans or concerns had been given to the future care of their pets.
Regardless of your health or age, appoint a trusted friend or relative to be responsible for your wishes regarding your pet. Whatever your wishes, it should be in writing with copies given to a family member, your veterinarian, a neighbor, your lawyer. Also if permanent provisions have been made, that should be spelled out in the instructions.  It is always important to keep updating this information.
Many people, with no family or friends to turn to, can rely on the Associated Humane Societies for assistance. We can offer peace of mind with two very special long-term care areas ­ Anima Haven Farm for dogs...and Kitty City for cats. These are state-of-the-art facilities designed to make your pet's life comfortable and enjoyable AND with full-time veterinary care.
If you decide to make provisions in your Will/Bequest, the following is the wording which should be included:
"I leave the Associated Humane Societies $(money, real estate, life insurance, stocks, annuity, etc.).  I also leave _________ dogs, _________ cats, _______________(other animals) for lifetime care at the Society's
Forked River Animal Care Center.
However, if you would like to have your animals placed in a private home with a lifetime commitment, please also advise so that we will look for the perfect home for your pet.
It is critical that the above sentences be separate and distinct. Once you have made that decision, it is important that you notify the AHS in advance of your wishes and provide a copy of the specific page from your Will stating your intentions.  We will then send you wallet cards and decals for your home in the event of an emergency or your incapacitation. We will send you health history forms for each pet requesting the pet's name, age, diet, health problems, spay/neuter information and the name of your veterinarian.
We will also include in the packet a special emergency telephone number that is manned 24 hours a day. These steps will enable us to provide the best care possible for your pet and make their transition as comfortable as
The AARP (American Association of Retired People) has life insurance now available to members by mail. No agent will call and you can compare the cost of one policy versus another. This may be superior to an insurance salesman who may want to sell you other
financial products you may not want or need. Those people with modest resources and little financial sophistication can be vulnerable to high pressure selling. Contact an attorney who will listen to your wishes and be guided by them. Loosely worded or ambiguous wording in a Will creates a host of costly problems to the Estate and to your pet.
The Associated Humane Societies is deeply committed to all aspects of animal care and welfare. Unfortunately, due to our large budgetary requirements, we must rely on the generosity of others. Each year, our job becomes progressively wider in scope and increasingly more difficult. We face many challenges on a daily basis and need all of the resources possible to continue this work.
If you are reading this, then you are clearly concerned about where your funds should be allocated after your demise.
Writing your own Will can leave loopholes which may lead to legal problems in the future with attorneys, relatives, friends and can be quite costly to the AHS and the animals.
A bequest in our Last Will and Testament will ensure that the funds allocated to the Society will be used to support our efforts and aims. Such a bequest may consist of a designated amount of money, a gift of securities, real estate, etc. The Society's Tax Identification Number is 221-487122.
An outdated Will also presents sadness and expensive legal action. If there is a death of someone mentioned in your Will....or a divorce, re-marriage, birth, etc., it is advisable to draw up a new Will. The best way to change a Will is to add a Codicil which is a legal document made up by an attorney that describes any changes you wish to make. The things you wish to change are then deleted from your original Will and the Codicil is inserted.
Keep a copy of your Will in your home in a safety deposit box, one to be kept by your lawyer, & if you send one to the Society, it is kept confidential.
There are many ways to lend your financial support ­ some with significant savings in estate taxes and capital gains taxes.,.an attractive income for life .... income for your loved ones and the knowledge that you are making
sound valuable investments in the programs, efforts and aims provided by the  Associated Humane Societies to help animals.
In the absence of a Will, the laws of our state will determine how your assets are distributed.

I give, devise and bequeath to the Associated Humane Societies with offices at 124 Evergreen Ave. in Newark, also in Tinton Falls, Union and Forked River, the sum of $______ to be used to further their efforts in the care of

You can designate which percentage (up to 100%) of your estate to the Associated Humane Societies.  As the value of your estate grows, your bequest will grow.

In many Wills which are itemized, there are leftover funds or items which, after distribution,  are considered "residue" . You can name the Society for the "rest and residue" and therefore, the government has no decision making in your estate.
Many Wills are made up, left in a box, and at the time of probate, all of the heirs are gone. That would make the Will invalid at probate if you do not name beneficiaries that survive you. In that case, the courts decide how
to divide up your estate. If none are found, the estate is confiscated. If you name the Associated Humane Societies as the final contingent beneficiary, you ensure that the IRS will not confiscate your estate.

A gift of one of your life insurance policies to the Associated Humane Socieites can result in an income tax deduction at the time of your gift, and if you continue to pay the premiums on the policy, those may also be
deducted as a charitable contribution. Check with your tax representative. The Associated Humane Societies can be named as a primary or contingent beneficiary of a new or existing policy without transferring ownership of
the policy.
For those who have savings in tax-deferred retirement accounts, i.e., IRAs, 401(k) and 403(b), funds withdrawn from these accounts are usually taxed at both high income & estate tax rates. According to those in charitable gifts, they advise that less than $30 of $100 in a retirement account, reaches the beneficiary.
A donation regarding real estate can give you a substantial tax benefit. You may choose to receive a lifetime income or retain life use of the property.
But there are substantial tax benefits.
The best way to handle the transfer to benefit the Associated Humane Societies is have your broker transfer your stocks and bonds directly to the AHS. You receive a two-fold benefit ­ a charitable deduction for present market value & no tax on the appreciation.

There are several other types of charitable giving and we suggest that you speak to an attorney or financial advisor concerning these.

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