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Update on Van Gogh - 2/4


The resilience and strength of our little boy Van Gogh is continuing to amaze all of us. This delicate little 5 month old puppy that has been through literal hell, is getting stronger and stronger every day. With all of his injuries, broken bones, and infections, Van Gogh continues to wake up wagging his tail and loving everyone that loves him back.

He had another good day today that started off with a breakfast of a can and a half of Merrick food, plus some pieces of liverwurst added for taste. After his nebulizer treatments of antibiotics, intravenous fluids, pain meds, and more antibiotics, Van Gogh was a little trooper for the cleaning of his wounds. He didn't complain at all and just loves all of the attention he is getting. He played a gentle game of tug-of-war today with a little rope toy and had plenty of much needed rest. He had a healthy lunch and dinner and his temperature continues to hover around normal.

We are thrilled with the progress he is making but he is still so far from out of the woods. Van Gogh is still in very critical condition, due to the monsters that used him for bait for dog fighting, and we continue to be astounded that he is alive after having his ear ripped off and his legs torn to shreds. The swelling is going down little by little in his front legs and his broken back leg is stable. Infection continues to be his biggest enemy but he is fighting it off with every ounce of strength that he has, and we are honored to be able to help him in his fight. He is surrounded by the love of all of us at Popcorn Park every day and he finally knows, for the first time in his life, what it's like to be loved and treated with kindness.

Van Gogh had a very busy morning today! Our veterinarian Dr. Laney Baris, who has literally been bringing this little guy back to life, spent a lot of time removing sutures and cleaning up Van Gogh's wounds. It was a bit uncomfortable for him, but will make him feel a hundred times better in the long run. Van Gogh is such a little trooper and after his morning veterinary care, he kept right on wagging his tail and giving Dr. Baris and her vet tech Jessica lots of kisses. His biggest battle continues to be the septicemia that has settled in his little body. Since Van Gogh was brought in most likely a week to two weeks after he was attacked, the infections set in very quickly. The infection is in his lungs and his bones, so that is our biggest obstacle right now. Only time will tell if he can continue to fight off this infection. We are continuing to treat the infection aggressively with antibiotics and it seems to be working, but he is far from out of the woods. Prayers are still needed for our little guy, as always, and contributions for his continued medical expenses. We spoke this morning about his long term needs and if he beats this infection, Van Gogh will need extensive skin grafting down the road for his front legs. The area where his ear was torn off may heal, but the legs are a problem.

Thank you all as always, for your thoughts and prayers for our little guy. Please, keep up the praying! If you would like to help with Van Gogh's medical expenses, please contribute to our Res-Q Fund.

Watch a YouTube Clip of how Van Gogh is doing today.

Did you miss Van Gogh's original story and how he came to AHS? Read his full story here.

Read Van Gogh's Feb. 6 Update.


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