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Zeke - Hit by Car, Brought in by Good Samaritan

This beautiful Shih Tzu was found on a busy street in Bradley Beach -- and was rescued by a good samaritan after getting hit by a car. The finder brought the dog to the emergency veterinarian … but after finding out what the vet bill would be, he brought the young dog to us.

There were no dog tags, license or microchip to help reunite with an owner.

The Society's veterinarian, Dr. Emily Marion, has examined "Zeke" and found paraplegia in the hind legs. X-rays show no fractures. As time has gone on, Zeke is slowly improving and may have some motor problems in the right hind area. He is continent but needs to be positioned upright when going to the bathroom. Dr. Marion will consult with a neurosurgeon to determine prognosis to see if surgery is warranted or medical management is continued.

Zeke when he was first brought in to our Tinton Falls shelter.

So Zeke - take a number and get in line for a trip to a veterinary specialist, thanks to our donors and our Res-Q Fund. Donations for Zeke's care can be made here.

The young Shih Tzu is at the Society's Tinton Falls branch located at 2960 Shafto Road in Tinton Falls. For more information, call the Society at 732-922-0100 or e-mail us. Refer to File 78381.

UPDATE - 4/18/2014

A note from our veterinarian --

An update on Zeke, the Shih Tzu with hind limb paraplegia:

We took Zeke to see Dr. Glass, the neurologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, this afternoon. He recommended moving ahead with an MRI to diagnose the cause of Zeke’s paralysis. His best guess is that Zeke has a slipped disc, (intervertebral disc disease), but he cannot rule out trauma, infection, or neoplasia without an MRI. They plan to admit Zeke this evening and perform the MRI tomorrow morning; at that time they will call to inform us what they found on the MRI and decide how we want to proceed. Should Zeke have intervertebral disc disease, his best option will likely be surgery, and I would expect that they would recommend performing the surgery as soon as possible.

Please check back for progress on Zeke. MRIs for animals can be nearly as costly as for humans, and Zeke certainly needs one. Diagnostic tools such as these are covered under our Res-Q Fund which always needs replenishing. Will you help Zeke on his road to recovery and make a donation to our Res-Q Fund? Thank you!

UPDATE - 4/21/2014

On Friday, Dr. Glass performed a CT scan of Zeke. A small fracture was found in one of his vertebrae – this fracture is the cause of Zeke’s paresis. As you know, radiographs were taken at the emergency hospital when a good Samaritan initially brought Zeke in for treatment. We were able to obtain the radiographs from that hospital and give them to Dr. Glass for comparison. By comparing these initial radiographs to the images taken at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Glass determined that there is some remodeling of bone and the fracture is likely healing. Though the fracture is present on those initial radiographs, it was not readily apparent as the ribs overly that portion of the spine.

Over the weekend, Zeke has developed more motor ability in his right hind. He now actively uses the limb when ambulating. Given this improvement, as well as the position of the fracture, Dr. Glass recommended continuing medical therapy and cage rest for Zeke rather than pursuing surgery. Later this week, Zeke will go in for a recheck with Dr. Glass.

Zeke resting comfortably back at AHS on his new cozy bed in our Medical Dept. He is showing signs of improvement every day.


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