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Alfie - Brutalized after Escape from Yard


We know the pictures are difficult to look at, but can you just imagine how this poor dog felt when these wounds were inflicted upon him? Sometimes you have to see the cruelty to be reminded that it exists, and spread the word that it needs to stop. We sure wish it stopped before it happened to Alfie, but at least this poor guy is now safe and getting the help that he needs.

It seems that animal cruelty didn't take a break for Thanksgiving, since Alfie was found the day after Thanksgiving, after he endured such incredible pain and suffering at the hands of a cruel and heartless individual. Alfie was found by our AHS Animal Control Officers who was shocked at the sight of this young injured Shar Pei. Alfie had massive open wounds on his head, face and front leg. Some of his wounds were still bleeding while others were already drying up. Alfie was rushed straight to the medical department where the veterinarian and her staff began working on this poor soul.

Alfie was sedated and made as comfortable as possible so that his wounds could be examined and thoroughly cleaned. All of the skin on his forehead is gone. The wounds on the forehead, face, and behind his ears were debrided and cleaned. His front leg was also thoroughly cleaned and the wound debrided. After a lengthy examination, the veterinarian determined that the cause of his wounds is most likely from a chemical or caustic material being poured on him and was also, undoubtedly, intentional.

Alfie's owners were tracked down to Queens, NY and we found out that he was recently left in the care of a friend where he was found. Unfortunately, that friend had an accident and Alfie got out of the yard. When he was picked up later by Animal Control, this had been done to him. While we will never know who did this to Alfie, we are happy that he was signed over to us so that he can get the medical care that he desperately needs.

Alfie is currently at our AHS-Newark medical department and will be transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park by the end of the week where our veterinary team is equipped to provide him with major wound management. Alfie will need daily cleaning, medicating, and laser therapy to aide in the healing of his wounds and as always, this treatment does not come without a cost. Please consider making a donation to our Res-Q Fund toward Alfie's care or by texting HumaneHelp to 41444

Even in the sad state that Alfie is in, he remains a sweet and loving little guy. He has a good appetite and as soon as he is given some attention, his tail never stops wagging. He is upbeat and happy to be getting help, and we are keeping him as comfortable and pain-free as possible. He will have a long road to recovery ahead of him, but we are confidant that one day, Alfie will put this whole awful ordeal behind him and be the healthy and happy pup that he should be. Thank you all for your support and we will update again soon on our new friend, Alfie.

Read about Alfie's progress in his first update!


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