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Pearl - Found in Pain, with Neurological Issues

The AHS Tinton Falls shelter picked up as a stray in Neptune with very little background on the youngster.

There were neurological signs and she was in a lot of pain. She was immediately sent to Popcorn Park Animal Clinic for evaluation and she was diagnosed with problems of the vertebrae in the neck as well as a possible fracture in the same area.

"Pearl" was put on pain medications, strict cage rest and her discomfort was minimized but still had neurologic signs as well.

AHS Tinton Falls Veterinarian, Dr. Emily Marion, met with a neurologist at Red Bank Veterinary, and found that the condition was mild and did not need to be surgically repaired. It is believed that Pearl was either born with or developed the condition as a result of trauma. Since the abnormality causes her to be prone to neck injuries, a special adoption is needed. Pearl is presently under cage rest with short walks on a harness.

Rough housing, young children, and other dogs could reaggravate this injury so an open heart and home with a calm lifestyle is what is needed. Should the situation occurs in the future, it is believed that Pearl would respond well to steroids and pain medication.

The cost for the veterinary care and consultation was helped through the AHS Res-Q Fund. Please consider a donation as we are always in need of funds to continue to help all of the animals that come through our doors.

For information on Pearl, call AHS at 732-922-0100 and refer to 17171 or e-mail us.

Please help us to make this a very Merry Christmas for Pearl!


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