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Snoopy - Shih-Tzu with Unexplainable Motor Problems

Over the past few years, AHS has been inundated with dogs and cats that were surrendered as most pet owners cannot afford veterinary care for their animals. Sadly, even the expense of having a sick or injured pet euthanized is too costly for many owners.

Snoopy was given up by his owner when his back legs "stopped working". We do not know if they had brought the Shi Tzu to a veterinarian to see if anything could be done. Since the owner obtained Snoopy when he was just a few months of age, there may have been some attempt to see what was wrong. After 2 weeks of the loss of his legs, his owner said she could no longer care for him and brought him in.

The very sweet dog was brought to Dr. Emily Marion at AHS in Tinton Falls for an examination. There was obvious trauma of unknown origin to his back/side. He has motor skills in his rear legs and each day that goes by, his condition is slowly improving. More probing and x-rays will need to be done but for now, Snoopy is enjoying the comfort of food, toys, soft blankets and cage rest.

We are so happy to have little Snoopy in our care and will do absolutely everything necessary to get him well again. We are thankful to our supporters who are helping us to provide him with this very extensive care. Our Res-Q Fund is depleted time and time again due to cases such as this, and always needs your support. Please make a donation to our Res-Q Fund for Snoopy and the many animals like him, or you can also text HumaneHelp to 41444

Keep watch for an update on Snoopy, Jo Jo, Frankie Shoelace and all of the others that share this website. You can also visit and "like" the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter Facebook page to see the updates from time to time.

If you want to start out the New Year with a new friend a good deed ... open your heart and your home to one of our needy orphans.


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