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Guard Dog with Inadequate Shelter - Rescued

Imagine the relief that this poor dog felt when our Associated Humane Societies- Newark officer brought him in out of the cold?

Worse yet, imagine the kind of life that this dog lived, being a "guard dog" in the troubled city of Newark where no one valued his life. Hopefully, those days are long behind this poor guy now.

Our AHS animal control officers are constantly on the lookout for animals in distress and when Officer Williams came across this German shepherd during the snow storm on Saturday, he just had to help him. In the state of New Jersey, it can sometimes be difficult to just "take the dog". There's lots of red tape, and lots of rules in place. But in some cases, you just do the right thing. Officer Williams did the right thing here and when you read his statement below about this dog, most would agree.

Being that it was snowing and cold- he was the guard dog that gave up. He had poor shelter, food, but no water, and very under weight. Soon as I pulled up he was ready to go. Too cold to put up a fight, no bark left. He said just get me outta the cold please, and I did just that. He seems to be friendly".

Please, we can't stress this enough- please speak up on behalf of animals such as this dog, who lived a lonely life and would likely have died a cold and miserable death, had our AHS officer not intervened. Call the authorities if you see an animal in distress. It could make all the difference in the world to them. As you will see in the "after" picture, this rescue sure put a smile on the face of this older German shepherd who, just a few hours earlier, didn't have a thing on earth to smile about. Please keep your pets indoors in this cold, and please speak up for those that can't speak for themselves. We will update again soon on the condition of this dog after he has had some time to warm up and be evaluated by our veterinary staff.

Thank you for supporting the work that we do here at Associated Humane Societies. To help us in our important work of saving animals, please make a donation to our Res-Q Fund or text HumaneHelp to 41444.

Check out our Jan. 31st update on Max and watch his new video


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