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Res-Q Fund Tapped by Ongoing Emergencies

Due to the number of needy emergency situations that have come in over the past few weeks, the Res-Q Fund is in dire need of donations. Please consider a donation today.This unique effort was established for the sole purpose of providing veterinary care to animals that have suffered excessively cruel or neglectful treatment. Sadly, there is never a lack of animals who have been abused or left to languish in terrible conditions. Before we can heal their broken hearts, we need to heal their broken bodies. This may require the expertise of emergency care facilities or veterinary specialists. The Res-Q Fund is not only dogs or cats … it is for any sick, injured, handicapped animal that comes through our door that needs to get on the road to recovery. Any funds donated to a particular animal that exceed the cost of the care of that animal will be applied to others needing treatment. Your donations to the Res-Q Fund go a long way!

Begging for some help, this lovable, lonely Cockerpoo was hobbling along a heavily traveled street in Newark. He was brought to the Society where the Medical Dept. examined the sweet soul. The rear leg was badly broken and it necessitated amputation. He has had one bad break …. now he needs a lucky break. Will you open your heart? File N-81254-M.(Newark)

The Society was contacted by the Newark Police at midnight after they rescued a 4 month old pup that had been attacked by another dog. The mouth had been severely torn and required immediate care. She was delivered to an emergency veterinary clinic where she was sutured and then brought back to the Society for additional medical care. She is such a well-mannered sweetheart who needs to start out life anew. You can see from her `before' and `after' photos how much better she is now doing! File N-81764-F.(Newark) The Res-Q Fund helps pay for the costs of emergency veterinary services such as this. Please donate to our fund.


Feeling much better than he did a month ago, is this mature Chihuahua who had been hit by a car on downtown Broad St. in Newark.  Luckily, there were no broken bones and no internal injuries. We don’t know where the tiny traveler was going, but he needs a roadmap to your heart. File N-81589-M. (Newark)


Life has been lousy for Kia who has had 3 strikes already! She was one of 3 dogs that were left abandoned in an empty East Orange house. When she was rescued by our Animal Control Officer, they discovered a badly cut neck where an embedded collar had grown. The third strike is being adopted out for a very brief time but returned as it was “too much for his wife”.  Kia is in need of “a new leash on life”. File N -80892-SF.(Newark)

A North Bergen resident contacted the Society with an emergency regarding her 2 year old Chihuahua. The dog was giving birth and one pup had gotten stuck in the birth canal -- and she had no funds. The Society advised that we would dispatch our ambulance to her home and take possession of the dog. The Chihuahua had 2 pups -- both of which were born lifeless. The Chihuahua is doing well and will be put up for adoption. Having a pet is a costly proposition and unless you have the funds to properly care for your dog or cat in such unforeseen circumstances, do not put the pet's life in jeopardy. File N-82499-F (Newark).

A Newark resident brought in his 2 year old Shi Tzu named Benji. His kids were extremely rough with the dog but the most recent episode included the kids beating the dog which has resulted in an injury to the leg. Luckily, for the dog, the resident has relinquished ownership. An x-ray was taken and although the leg is not broken, there is soreness to the soft tissue. What the kids need is strict supervision and to be taught reverence for life. What Benji needs is "a new leash on life" and new home. File N-82452-M (Newark).

If these stories touch your heart, please consider what is involved in caring for the animals described - far more than just love and attentive care, but ongoing expense. Please make a donation to the Res-Q Fund and help us help as many animals as we can!


Rock - 3 Months Old with A Severe Case of Mange
Fizzle - Abandoned, Has Kidney Disease
Ebony - Sweet Stray with Cerebellar Hyperplasia
Alexis - Stray with Severely Damaged Back Leg
Buttercup - Bred, Emaciated, and Abandoned
Sweet Max - Tied to a Fence and Abandoned
Mai - Stones in Her Stomach, Owner Unable to Afford Care
Quesadilla, Surrendered and a Mom-to-Be
SnowBaby - Maltese Puppy Born with 5 Legs
Carmen - Found with Paralyzed Back Legs
Fozzie - A City Stray Found Walking on His Wrists
Midnight and Mika - Need Multiple Medical Issues Addressed
Natasha - Given Up at 6 Years Old with Torn Ligament
Pneumonia, A Broken Hip - and Mut's Still Smiling
Shadow - Surrendered with Multiple Medical Issues
Billy and Snowball - Needed Help When Owner Passed Away
Delilah - Thrown Out Apt. Window for Spite
Patty - Another Severely Neglected Tibetan Mastiff
Rhonda - Injured, Needs Leg Amputated
Chance - Beaten by Owner, Only Wants Love
Leo, Tibetan Mastiff- Feb. 29 Post Surgery Update
Van Gogh - Mutilated, Abandoned, Found by Good Samaritan

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