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Princess Meets Santa and Picks Week 16

Princess what happened? You were on a roll! The Jets, who you referred to as a carnival and their clown-head coach beat the Steelers, who you picked to win.

Hey John the Steelers almost won that game in the last minute. But I canít lose any sleep over it Ė Christmas is just around the corner. Oh and that clown-head coach, boy have I got more to tell you about him, he sorta put his "foot" in his mouth, but thatís for later. Iím kind of hungry, so who we picking this week?

Girl we are going to pick the Packers/Giants game this week.

Alright John letís do it then.

After carefully thinking about it Princess makes her pick.



Princess picks the GIANTS to Win!!



Hey Princess, look over there, hereís comes Santa.

John, is St. Nick really here to see me?

Yeah, girl, he is probably here to see how bad or good you've been this year.



Ho Ho Ho!! Princess, I'd sit down and ask you to sit on my lap, but I think you're a little to big for that.

John, Santa's not going to start with those "big" jokes, is he?

No, no, Princess, I just stopped by to say hello to all the animals at the Park and while I'm here I was just checking to see if youíve been naughty or nice.

Ah .... Ah .... Ah Santa. That visitor who was making jokes about humps Ö well somebody spit something at him, they were blaming me but I know it was Victor the Llama ........ And and the Tortoises hay, well when it all mysteriously disappeared over night that wasnít me I know they room right next to me in the barn over winter, but I think they were extra hungry that night. And and that time when someone opened the cabinet that holds the graham crackers and took them all Ö... that wasnít me either, I donít know what happened ..... I was asleep all that night.

Oh, thatís okay, Princess, I understand. all and all it looks like youíve been a pretty good girl all year.

John, do you think he believed me?

I hope so girlÖyou donít want a cabinet full of coal!!!

Someone left these graham crackers here but there is no milk to dunk them in.

Oh sorry about that Santa, but if youíre not going to eat that oneÖI ... umÖÖ

Whew!! That was a close one, John. Hey listen, if that Jets' coach Ryan comes around here with a video camera asking to see my feet Ö tell him Iím not here!! That guy's a nut!

Well, everyone enjoy the Holidays and have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

UPDATE - Princess missed this one - the Green Bay Packers beat the Giants 45-17.


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